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KAWAI Cu4 45″
Walnut with Bench

used yamaha pianos for sale

Kawai console pianos are specially designed to meet the needs of those who require elegance, high quality and exceptional durability in an instrument… without a premium price tag. This finely-crafted, superb-sounding instrument will provide satisfying musical enjoyment for years to come.

Hobart Cable 47″
Polished Ebony with Bench

used yamaha pianos for sale

Hobart M Cable pianos have been recognized as an American standard in top quality pianos since their founding. The name alone evokes the concept of pure American heritage and musical ingenuity that never fails to impress pianists, musicians, collectors, and even the audience. America Sejung Corp. event spent time and money in carefully and assiduously making the efforts to again make available to North America the instrument that embodies this musical heritage.Hobart M. Cable pianos are notable instruments, possessing all of the fundamental qualities and attributes of a mid to high-grade piano.

Yamaha U1 48″
Polished Ebony with Bench

used yamaha pianos for sale

This is a great sound and playing piano. Yamaha U1’s are well known as quality uprights. This one was made by Yamaha’s highly regarded factory in Japan. You couldn’t ask for a better piano for your home or small studio.

SAMICK JS044 46″
Mahogany with Bench

used yamaha pianos for sale

JS044 is the perfect instrument for the beginning pianist. A full 46″ console piano with longer strings and concert-length keys provides the beginner with exceptional dynamic contrast and proper touch, and best of all it’s affordable!


used yamaha pianos for sale

Refined design and refinement components improve sound performance while other changes enhance durability. Expanded musical equipment has brought more space to music. And the high-end series has set astonishing standard of elegance and excellence, integrating the notions of the Yamaha grand piano. The sophistication of all the sound component has brought the “U” series today with richer, louder sound thank to the balance sound in the entire keyboard.

STEINWAY Model K Satin Ebony

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steinway pianos for sale

Steinway’s most popular upright…Model K-52 “Vertegrand” finished in Satin Ebony. Partially rebuilt and in excellent playing condition. Introduced to the Steinway line of pianos in 1903, the K-52 features a larger soundboard than many grands, for a more resonant voice. The choice for professional players seeking an upright instrument — and perfect for all sizes of homes.

WELTE MIGNON Vintage Grand 6’3”

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wurlitzer pianos for sale

Welte Mignon originally started building player pianos.
The Welte Company in America (New York) built reproducing pianos and also high quality non-player grand.

Yamaha CLP 575 Rosewood

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Linear Graded Hammer keyboard with escapement NWX (Natural Wood X) keyboard with synthetic ivory keytops.

Wurlitzer Spinet Ebony

used pianos

Wurlitzer pianos are one of the oldest names in the piano manufacturing industry in the U.S. The quality of their pianos can be lined up with the best names in the realm of piano manufacturing and design.

Yamaha CVP 600

Close Out Sale! Yamaha CVP 600 Series

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Yamaha CVP 600 Series
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Baldwin L


This is one of the world’s finest built instruments, combining traditional grand piano style and performance to deliver the full, rich, resonant sound you’d expect from the largest concert grands.

Lowrey Spinet Satin Ebony


Lowrey Spinet in Satin Ebony

Yamaha CLP 440 Rosewood/Mahogany


The CLP 440 has an RGE Sound Engine recorded all sounds from one carefully selected piano and refines them with careful attention to playing response and expressive capability. Keyboard touch is precisely calibrated and pedals are linked directly to changes or pressure and resonance. Integrating all these elements that make up a piano result in a superb playing experience.