Yamaha’s Disklavier Pianos the “Player Pianos”

Yamaha Disklavier Pianos

Disklavier Yamaha Piano

Yamaha’s Disklavier Pianos recall the so-called “player pianos” made famous in depictions of the Old West – pianos, that, by some dint of sorcery, could “play themselves.” In actuality, the old-school player pianos used sophisticated (for the time) mechanics to read special sheet music and make it look like a master concert piano was at the bench.

Yamaha’s Disklavier pianos are in an entirely different league.  The New York Times dubbed the Disklavier Mark IV as “the first piano in the world with an internet connection.” Disklaviers are hybrids: they are functioning pianos, but they are also something “more” — something digital.

The NYT’s 2008 article, “A Grand (i.e., Cool) Piano,” summed up these instruments nicely: “maybe you’ve seen player pianos in a hotel lobby or a shopping mall, playing holiday tunes all by themselves, keys and pedals madly going up and down. This is not an audio recording…the hammer strike real strings, making loud acoustic music. It’s a recreation of a real pianist’s performance, faithful to the tiniest grace note.”

Here is a quick list of the Disklavier features:

  • Lots of gear, including microphone inputs, speakers, video outputs, USB jacks, and computer operating systems and a hard drive
  • Disklaviers can be excellent teachers – you can use features to “half press” keys to guide your fingers
  • Need an accompanist? These pianos can actually match your tempo to a degree – slowing down or speeding up as needed
  • Practice in silence! True, cheap digital key boards also allow pianists to practice “silently.” but you can’t get the real “feel” of a piano when you play a traditional digital instrument. If you live with the family members, this feature is fantastic, since you can practice the same piece a million times over without annoying everyone else in the house.
  • Record your own songs.
  • Record orchestral parts as well.
  • Disklaviers can transfer your recorded mixes to your computer through either a network connection or flash drive.

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