Yamaha Pianos: Uprights Versus Hybrids

Picking the Perfect Yamaha Piano

Yamaha PianosAs a Yamaha Piano store with over four decades of experience, Pianos Plus often meets customers who are confused about the differences between uprights and hybrids. Many Generation X musicians, for instance, grew up at a time when the distinctions between classic acoustic instruments and digital pianos were pretty clear. Your grandmother’s upright looked and sounded nothing like the Kurzweil keyboard you got for Christmas.

So when Gen X and Baby Boomer musicians (or parents of musicians) look for piano rentals or piano lessons, they’re often surprised to learn that upright acoustic pianos and hybrids have much more in common today, thanks to radical advances in digital technology.

For a study in comparisons, let’s take a look at Yamaha’s U series — an excellent example of classic uprights. These pianos feature advanced scale design that creates a balanced timbre for the full length of the keyboard, a unique rib configuration that supports better resonance, durable hammers that produce gorgeous tone production and a fallboard damping mechanism that prevents injury and damage to the keys. In many ways, these uprights compare well to concert grands, but they can fit in more narrow living rooms, conservatories, and studio spaces.

The NU1 hybrid, on the other hand, is very similar to the typical “acoustic” instrument that you might have grown up playing. It feels practically indistinguishable, and it samples sounds from the CFX full Concert Grand Piano – one of Yamaha’s best ever instruments. Its technology produces a resonance that sounds very similar to an acoustic piano, and it looks like a traditional acoustic, too!

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