2 Yamaha Pianos Get a “Special Mention” in the German Design Awards

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Yamaha Gets Recognized

Musical instruments designed and created by the Yamaha Corporation continue to be recognized internationally for their innovation.

During this year’s German Design Award, the Yamaha CP88 stage piano and the Sonogenic SHS-500 keytar received “Special Mention” recognition in the annual showcase of design excellence.

Yamaha pianos and other products have been recognized annually since the company began submitting entries in 2016. These two awards brings the company’s totals to 11.

The prestigious awards have been given by the German Design Council since 2012, and the top entries are chosen for their design and ability to communicate. Awards can include Gold, Winner and Special Mention.

The 88-key CP88 Yamaha piano has been recognized as durable, compact, light and having a realistic touch. It’s a favorite of Bay Area digital piano stores because of its clear, rich tones, intuitive interface and acoustic or electronic piano sounds.

With this piano, Yamaha has built upon 100 years of piano craftsmanship plus 45 years of synthesizer innovation.

The Sonogenic keytar makes music even more fun. It’s held like a guitar and is lightweight with a built-in speaker. It lets just about anyone play simple music and even has a “Jam” function that lets it match notes and chord progressions played on connected music.

It’s also portable and is powered by batteries which means you can take it anywhere. It also includes 30 different instrument voices so you can choose from a large selection of tones at your next party.

Yamaha officials are especially proud of the CP88 which continues to bring in awards along with being popular in Bay Area piano sales. Past German Design Awards for this instrument have included the Good Design Award and Asia Design Prize Silver Award, both in 2019 plus the iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award, both in 2020.

The Sonogenic keytar also continues to be honored. In past years it received the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

Part of the appeal of Yamaha products is that they are considered innovative but also accessible. They’re available for all ages and skill levels, from the person who has been playing for years to the person who wants to get started.

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