Yamaha Introduces Wood Finishes to B Series Upright Pianos

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Yamaha’s exciting b2 and b3 upright pianos have gotten a makeover – you can now buy these instruments with gorgeous polished mahogany and walnut wood finishes.

Yamaha b2 in Polished Ebony

b2 in Polished Ebony finish

Many piano connoisseurs prefer wood finishes to traditional black finishes. So Yamaha wanted to offer its affordable and popular b series acoustic pianos in wood. Yamaha marketing manager, Ed Bezursik, explained why: “The decision to add the new wood finishes is a direct result of the enthusiastic reception of the series among consumers and the popular demand for color options to suit more home design environments … Our research shows that many consumers prefer pianos with wood over black casing. We expect these attractive new finish options, available exclusively through authorized Yamaha piano dealers, will be very appealing to our customers.”

Yamaha Pianos

P series upright in Walnut finish

The b2 and b3 models offer exquisite tone and touch and excellent sound quality. They’re good for tight spaces, such as small studios. The b2 measures 45” x 58.25” x 21.125”, while the b3 measures 48”x 59.25” x 24.25”. These pianos offer a variety of cool features, such as Uniform Key Travel. This means that keyboards on all Yamaha instruments will feel the same – great news if you already own (or practice on) a Yamaha. They also come with a technology called Extruded Aluminum Alloy Action Rail, which improves action regulation by stabilizing touch.

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