Yamaha Piano Ensemble Videos

Performances on 5 Yamaha Clavinovas

We’ve all seen perfectly choreographed pairs ice skating or synchronized swimming, but have you ever seen a synchronized, multi-piano ensemble? These spellbinding performances on up to five Yamaha Clavinovas highlight the intense concentration and musicianship that is required for this type of piano playing. Unlike other popular piano duets where one player is resting while the other plays, these pianists continue playing together throughout the entire piece from the moment of entrance until the final note. Notice how the pieces never sound over-crowded as each player executes their rhythms and dynamics perfectly to allow the players with the melody to shine through. As authorized Yamaha piano dealers, we’re thoroughly impressed! Take a look:

Khachaturian: Sabre Dance

Schubert: Serenade

Strauss Jr.: Pizzicato Polka

Chen Young: Chinese Festival

Grieg: In the Hall of Mountain King

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