Hybrid Pianos Like the AvantGrand by Yamaha Pianos Live Up to the Hype

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Yamaha Pianos AvantGrand Digital Piano is Pretty Great

The piano scene has changed over the past decade. Sadly, traditional pianos, uprights and grands, are not as popular as they once were. Digital piano sales on are on the rise, but you don’t often get the same sound and feel. If you’re a musician looking for an option that combines the nuances of an acoustic piano with the features of a digital piano, look for a hybrid model, such as the Yamaha piano AvantGrand.

What Makes the AvantGrand Special?

Hybrid pianos combine the features of both acoustic and digital pianos. The AvantGrand is much smaller than a traditional piano, more like a digital piano, but it has weighted piano keys and pedals like an upright piano would. The AvantGrand produces pleasing sounds, whether you want classical piano music or modern sounds. Hammers strike the strings of this piano, giving you the ability to adjust your touch to create highly nuanced musical sounds.

The AvantGrand has a high-tech speaker system that mimics the way sound comes off a concert grand piano. The speaker placement lets notes follow a particular path to the listener’s ears. Digital technology gives the player the option to use headphones that result in an immersive experience. No need to bother the neighbors while you practice.

Digital features of the AvantGrand offer even more ways to play and listen. The piano has a Bluetooth speaker system that lets music stream through the speakers. The Yamaha Smart Pianist app has an impressive music library that will make you feel as if you have a music teacher living in your smartphone. The technology lets you mix music. Record one portion of a duet and play it while you play the other section. Collaborate with other musicians by sharing files.

Don’t Give Up Music

Yamaha piano stores have many options for modern pianists. Yamaha is a leader in piano technology, such as hybrid models. Many people have opted for digital pianos due to space or budget limitations. The AvantGrand does not take piano movers to get the instrument into your home or apartment. And because it has fibre-optic sensors instead of strings, it won’t go out of tune. You don’t have to give up the sound you love because it bothers the neighbors or requires too much maintenance.

Yamaha Piano Stores in the Bay Area

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