How to Care for Your Yamaha Grand Piano

As authorized Yamaha Piano dealers who have been serving the Bay Area for over four decades, we at Pianos Plus strive to make sure that our customers take exquisite care of their instruments. Whether you’re buying a new “starter piano” for an eager 5-year-old or purchasing an instrument to record or compose, you must service it to maintain its tone, integrity and beauty.

Yamaha Grand

Pianos are highly sensitive to weather conditions. The felt, wood and strings can expand and contract based on temperature and humidity, and these changes can alter how the piano sounds and alter its pitch. Keep your piano away from sources of blasting air or humidity – such as windows, air condition vents, fireplaces, and areas subject to intense direct sunlight.

New pianos take time to “settle” into new environments – that is, to adapt to the humidity, temperature and other conditions in your studio or home. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended tuning schedule. If you’re recording or composing sensitive pieces, you may need more frequent tuning.

To locate a cost-effective, trustworthy tuner, talk to our team at Pianos Plus. Our Yamaha piano store carries an extensive catalogue of products to help you maintain your piano’s beauty and tone and to get the most out of your playing experience. Consider documenting your piano upkeep, so the process becomes automatic, and you don’t need to think about it.

For help with the piano maintenance process – or if you have questions about what Yamaha instrument might meet your needs – get in touch with the knowledgeable Pianos Plus team by contacting us here or calling 510.581.1660 today.