Yamaha Piano Care

Yamaha Piano Care

A Piano can be a wonderful investment, providing years, if not decades, of beautiful music, brain development, and other aesthetic pleasures. But if you don’t take good care of your piano, the instrument will lose its delicacy and optimal sound, and may even pose a safety hazard. To get the best use out of your Yamaha piano, consider these simple tips:

1. Placement matters!

Put your piano next to windows or sources of heat or moisture, and you could damage the instrument and warp its sound. Direct sunlight, rapid temperature changes, and rapid humidity/moisture changes all spell bad things for the instrument. You also need good ventilation. Situate the piano to maximize the acoustic quality. Your acoustics will obviously depend not just on where your put the piano, but also how else your room is laid out, whether you have carpets or hardwood floors, furniture or no furniture, etc.

2. Keep it Clean!

• When you put plates, glasses of water or wine, or even books or scores on top of the piano, you dampen the sound and can cause bad tone or excessive vibrations.

• Certain products, like cosmetics, alcohol, vinyl, paint thinner, aerosols, etc., can seriously damage the piano.

• Avoid alcohol-containing solvents that may cause the keyboard to crack.

• If water drips into the piano, it can cause mold and corrosion, which in turn can damage the sound.

• Dust that accumulates on the hammers dampens and dulls the sound, so clean the dust at fairly regular intervals.

• Play the piano only after your hands are clean. So if you’ve just eaten a lot of sweets or a barbeque pork sandwich, wash your hands before tickling the ivory.

3. Get your piano serviced!

Just like you need to exercise regularly to keep in shape and prevent long-term health problems, so, too, must you “exercise” your piano by getting it professionally serviced. A professional can tune and adjust delicate aspects of the instrument and correct small pitch problems you might not catch (but which a more discerning audience might notice). It will also ensure that the piano’s action, pedals, and keyboard are all adjusted properly – whether you’re performing for your mom’s friends, or composing a major symphony, or recording the next great pop hit.


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