The Yamaha NU1 Hybrid Piano – Superb Feel, Classic Design

Perhaps you’re a Bay Area music teacher in search of the perfect Yamaha hybrid piano for your classroom. Or maybe you’re a composer or student musician who wants a rockin’ piano that combines all the digital “bells and whistles” with the authentic action of a classic upright. In either case, you’re going to love Yamaha’s new NU1 Hybrid, a compact, elegant hybrid digital piano that marries the lovely, subtle acoustic properties of a traditional instrument with cutting-edge tech. The NU1 belongs to Yamaha’s Avant Garde Piano series, hybrid pianos that boast reduced maintenance requirements, tuning issues, etc. The NU1 is a great piano if you work in a small studio or if you lack the budget to buy a large stringed instrument.

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The piano feels like an upright – with natural wooden keys and realistic action. It produces a resonance that mirrors stringed acoustics, sampled from Yamaha’s top line of grand pianos.

Is the NU1 right for you?

Without context for your needs, budget, and requirements, it’s impossible to tell! Factors that should inform your buying decision include:

  • Your purpose (e.g. practicing, teaching, recording, composing, etc.)
  • Your budget
  • The amount of space you have in your home or studio for a piano;
  • Whether you need digital technology to practice, compose, record, etc.,
  • The acoustic qualities of your space;
  • The aesthetics of your room or studio;
  • And beyond

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