First National Music Survey Reveals Surprising Results

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Benefits of teaching and learning music from childhood to adulthood

Yamaha’s flagship music store located in Wardour Street, Soho London, recently conducted a survey that involved more than 1,000 adults from all over the UK in a bid to discover their views regarding learning to play a particular music instrument. Findings showed that 60% of the adults wanted to start learning at the beginning of the New Year, but in the case of children, the future seemed a bit bleak.

The findings also revealed that even though 85% of those polled were in agreement that children stand to benefit from playing a musical instrument, an astounding 77% of them believed that there was a lack of encouragement for children to pursue such avenues.

Serves as a gift for life

Science has revealed that students who take music lessons tend to have better memory, improved IQ, and concentration skills. There is also lot of information about the health-benefits and enhanced well-being that kids and adults can experience by playing a musical instrument. Despite these facts, and the availability of musical instruments, there are those who still do not appreciate the value of such practices.

Kids who get support from their parents when they choose to start playing musical instruments tend to feel more fulfilled and grow up to enjoy the arts. According to the survey conducted, 50% of those interviewed agreed that school was the primary place for kids to learn playing musical instruments.

According to Yamaha Music London, parents who encourage their children to pick up a musical instrument and put away their video games, help to play critical role in their child’s overall development.

A good age to learn

When it comes to playing instruments, anyone can pick up the art at any age. However, according to the survey done by Yamaha, the optimum age to start playing a musical instrument is between 6-10 years old, with guitar or piano being the most ideal instruments to begin with.

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