Yamaha Introduces the New P-121 Compact Digital Piano

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Check Out Yamaha’s Newest Digital Piano

In August of 2018, the expert piano makers at Yamaha introduced their newest entry into the compact digital piano market, the Yamaha P-121 Compact Digital Piano. With 73 keys, it encompasses almost the entire range of a traditional 88-key piano, but sacrifices none of the power, tonal quality, or expressiveness of the full keyboard. If you want to see it in person, just look up your local authorized Yamaha piano dealers

Weighing in at an astonishingly lightweight 22 lbs., this keyboard is perfect for the busy musician on the road who needs to move equipment between shows. It’s also perfect for the school music department which needs to conserve on space, while still providing maximum play-ability for students. Ideal for playing at home or on the road, the P-121 is simply the most versatile compact digital piano on the market. You can test one now at authorized Yamaha piano dealers.

Outstanding sound quality

The high quality sound produced on the P-121 is delivered to listeners faithfully by a built-in stereo speaker system, which reproduces every note perfectly for your audience. The sound quality itself is comparable to the renowned Yamaha CFIIIS Concert Grand Piano, which has thrilled audiences all over the world. Even relative novices can quickly develop the skills to produce this kind of rich sound, which would ordinarily not be achievable with a digital piano in this price range (less than $1,000).


The P-121 can also be used in conjunction with the Smart Pianist app for iOS devices, which perfectly interacts with the piano’s built-in speaker system, MIDI interface, and USB audio. This makes it possible for any P-121 player to record MIDI performances and other audio to an attached computer, or to play right along with favorite recording artists. The Smart Pianist app in effect, can transform your mobile device into a full-featured, highly capable graphical interface.

Keyboard action

Whereas you wouldn’t ordinarily expect the fully weighted keyboard action of an acoustic from any compact digital piano, the P-121 incorporates the Graded Hammer Standard keyboard action into its makeup, to provide the same feel as the weighted keys of an acoustic. Beginning players will be able to develop the correct finger technique for playing on an acoustic, with the matte black key tops clearly differentiated from the white keys.

Where can you try out and purchase the Yamaha P-121 at a Bay Area digital piano store? 

This terrific new piano is available for purchase now at Pianos Plus, one of the premier Bay Area digital piano stores, and authorized Yamaha piano dealers for Yamaha keyboard products. Contact Pianos Plus today to inquire about models in stock, or come visit the store in person, so you can see and play this new model for yourself.