Yamaha Disklavier: Remote Piano Lesson Technology

Hybrid Piano Technology Opens New Possibilities

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The digital pianos of today far surpass older player pianos. In particular, the Yamaha Disklavier offers technological advancement in sound recording and playback capabilities, making it the perfect learning and music preservation tool. This acoustic yamaha piano with fiber optic system technologies offers everything a music aficionado could ever want in a piano.

The piano’s innovative design allows players to perfectly and seamlessly record performances. Anyone taking piano lessons will benefit from easy playback that captures everything from the pedaling to the dynamics within a piece. It also integrates with the internet to let players send performances online or take remote lessons with a teacher halfway across the globe.

Elton John has even used the Yamaha Disklavier piano to perform live in one location. Simultaneously, pianos all over the world reproduced his performance note-for-note, providing listeners with an authentic performance. The new technology allows even non-performers to start listening to beautiful music with pre-recorded songs.

Stream new music, or record your newest composition for practice with hundreds of hours of recording time available. You can even control Disklavier digital pianos remotely with an Apple device. If you’re looking for an all-in-one piano investment, this advanced technology piano provides an all-inclusive experience.

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