Yamaha Disklavier RemoteLive Technology: Ridiculously Cool Stuff

If only Beethoven and Prokofiev were alive to check out the unbelievably cool Disklavier RemoteLive technology by Yamaha: they would have a creative field day. This technology is bound to change the way that composers, musicians, and educators interact with one another and perform, record, and share their works.

RemoteLive is basically the “old timey” Player Piano meets the 21st Century.

Yamaha Disklavier RemoteLive Tech

Image Source: usa.yamaha.com

A pianist who performs live on one instrument can have his pedal movements and keystrokes replicated with high fidelity on another Yamaha Disklavier anywhere on earth. The tech uses MIDI broadcast and synched up audio and video to accomplish this miraculous task.

Who knows what experimental compositions and interactive creations will be sparked by the Disklavier? The technology has already wowed audience in places like the 54st Annual Monterey Jazz Festival (September 2011), California Institute of the Arts, West Music in Des Moine, Iowa, and elsewhere. What’s particularly special is the exquisiteness of the fidelity. This is not a clunky technology – it’s battle tested, and it has stunned even “musical technophiles” who’ve seen it all.

The Disklavier has won great reviews from Time Magazine, ABC News, and countless blogs and review sites online.

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