Yamaha Disklavier Pianos: The Future of Piano Playing

As a Yamaha piano dealer that’s been in business for over 40 years, Pianos Plus is obviously biased. We love Yamaha, and we love their instruments. That said, Yamaha’s Disklavier line is objectively amazingly cool.

Yamaha Disklavier PianosThe Disklavier is an astonishing machine that functions as both a classic piano and like an old time “player piano” on digital steroids. Here are a few of the cool specs:

Using Wi-Fi remote control, you can digitally import songs, and the piano will play them back to you, invisible “player piano” style. The pedals actually depress, and hammers strike the strings with precision, reproducing recordings (or your own compositions) with amazing fidelity. You can also put the piano on “quiet mode,” like you might put a digital piano on quiet mode. In this case, a bar prevents the hammers from striking keys, but you can still play the keys and hear the music you make through a headset – or record the sounds you make.

The Disklavier can reproduce an astonishing menagerie of sounds, including violin sounds, drum sounds, bass, trumpet, etc. The piano can record and multiply your voice, so it sounds like you’re singing with a bunch of angelic backup singers (you). You can sample instrumental sounds, and an “orchestra” can join you and speed up, slow down, and otherwise keep pace. The Disklavier also can act as a piano teacher, gently guiding students through practice and offering corrections – like a friendly, instructive ghost.

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The Disklavier offers the best of both worlds – the thick, delicious classical sound of real hammers hitting real strings and an astonishing variety of virtual features. Connect with the Pianos Plus team today to learn more about the Disklavier! Call our Yamaha piano store for more help and insight. You can reach us at 510-581-1660.