Yamaha Conservatory Collection: Let Elegant Melodies Flow

Yamaha’s grand pianos are famous for their quality, craftsmanship, aesthetic beauty, and wonderful, melodious sounds. The Conservatory Collection is the soul of Yamaha’s grand piano business. These pianos offer substantial expressive control, dynamism, and classic tonal quality.

Yamaha Conservatory Collection Grand Piano

The Advantages of Fine Yamaha Craftsmanship

It’s not just that the Conservatory Collection features advanced scale design, balanced action, top end hammer shanks, a resin sheet foundation, and state-of-the-art humidity control, such as the humid-A-Seal pin block. Sure, these features are all essential ingredients – core components and engineering to create with sound. But as with any beautiful works of art, the Yamaha Conservatory Collection grands are greater than sum of their parts.

Whether you’re a composer writing a new sonata series; a serious student; or a recording artist crafting a studio album, you can enjoy a wealth of acoustic possibilities, such as:

Better tonal and dynamic response, courtesy better engineered hammer shanks; Precise, clarion tones thanks to sharper strike point alignment; Wonderful resonance and strength of sound thanks to optimized rim specification; Melodious, precisely pitched bass thanks to specially engineered copper wound strings.

Is a Yamaha grand the right choice for you?

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