Why You Should Be Tuning Your Piano Every Year

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Ever Wondered How Often You Should Tune Up Your Piano?

A piano that doesn’t sound quite right can do more than make musicians wince a little. It can make other instruments or voices sound off too when they perform together. This phenomenon can also confuse newer piano students as they begin to learn what the correct notes should sound like.

This is why taking the steps to get a piano professionally tuned should be done annually. As time goes by, the tension in the strings changes, which affects the sound. Not playing regularly can increase this, but the tone will change regardless.

A professional tuner has learned precise skills to adjust all areas of your instrument so all tones are perfect and all of the mechanical pieces sync together perfectly.

Authorized Yamaha piano stores are good places to learn about tuning options for your new or your used piano and why tuning is vital. The shop staff can describe the process and even let you hear what the end result should be and sound like.

Typically, The Tuning Of A Piano Focuses On These Elements :

Adjusting The Felt Of Each Piano Key

A picker, which is a special tool that has several small needles, makes minor modifications to the felt, which can affect how hard the hammer hits and the tone and volume that is produced. Professional tuners use something called a tuning hammer to adjust each note’s pitch. This is done by tightening the metal pin that each string is wrapped around. Adjusting the pins can slightly modify the sound.

Adjusting The Piano’s Regulation

The tuner presses each key to make sure it produces the correct tone and also ensures that the other mechanisms work properly. This is an opportunity to see if keys stick or don’t activate the hammer properly.  Restoring the proper sound is only part of the reason why it’s useful to make an appointment annually for the tuning of your Yamaha piano.

Checking For Mechanical Issues

An annual visit can also identify any other mechanical problems, such as cracking or weakened hammers and get them fixed right away before they become more serious and potentially can cause greater damage in the future.

Regular Maintenance Can Help Your Piano Last A Lifetime

There are some things piano owners can do regularly to help maintain their Yamaha piano, such as dusting and polishing, but bringing in a professional regularly can make a significant difference in how it sounds and performs over the years.

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