Steps to Take BEFORE Your Child Begins Piano Lessons

Follow These Tips Before You Sign Your Child Up For Lessons

Child Playing the Piano

Based on his love for the Mozart playlist he constantly requests you to play during mealtimes or her amazing natural love of percussion and rhythmic creativity, you believe your child may be ready to become a pianist. But you aren’t sure where to begin. Here are some steps to take before his or her first lesson.

1. Purchase or rent a piano.
Before your child begins taking piano lessons, purchase or rent a high quality instrument so he or she can practice at home. Avoid “kiddie pianos,” because teachers generally prefer that even young players learn on the real thing. To find the best instrument, contact a local company that specializes in piano rental or sales.

2. Choose an ideal location for the piano.
Your Yamaha piano, for instance, should be in a location that is neither empty and lonely nor too busy to allow your child to focus.

3. Explain the basics of the piano and evaluate your child’s reaction.
Before you schedule piano lessons, spend some time exploring the piano with your child. Show him or her the bass clef and treble clef. Invite the child to play a few notes. Watch your child to determine whether he or she is interested in learning more.

4. Hire the right teacher.
Hire a skilled pianist – someone who has experience teaching children. Consider conducting interviews before you make the final decision and talking to other parents and pupils. Assess not only his or her technical skills as an educator but also the teacher’s communication and listening abilities. Solicit your child’s opinion, and get his or her “buy in” before hiring.

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