How To Play Piano and Sing at the Same Time


Do You Have Trouble Singing And Playing Piano At The Same Time?

If you sing or play piano, you know how much concentration each task takes on its own. Doing both at the same time takes even more focus and practice. Luckily, there are several ways you can make playing piano and singing easier to tackle. Take it from our teachers at our Authorized Yamaha piano store.

Practice the Skills Separately at First

To combine the skills of singing and playing the piano, it’s important to be comfortable with each individual skill on its own. One method is to begin by singing a cappella, then along with a pre-recorded piano track. Then you can sing with simple piano accompaniment of your own. Another way is to build in practice throughout the day. For instance, you might try singing while doing laundry or washing dishes. This will get you more comfortable working with your hands while using your voice.

Learn and Use Chord Inversions

Chord inversions provide different options for playing the same chord. Piano players can use them to minimize the amount of movement they have to make with their hands. For the purposes of singing and playing at the same time, chord inversions can make switching from chord to chord much less distracting.

Add First and Fifth Notes to Chords

Another way to make switching chords easier is to add the first and fifth notes to a chord if it does not already have them. Doing this means that the chords will have more notes in common when you switch from chord to chord. As an added bonus, the sound will become stronger.

Save Melodies for When You’re Not Singing

Melodic riffs are a great way to spice up a song. However, if you try to use melodic piano elements while you’re singing, the two may clash. Save your piano melodies for when you’re not singing. That way, they can fill in gaps between vocals without being a distraction to the rest of the song.

Take Lessons

A surefire way to boost your skills is by taking lessons. If you’re in the Bay Area, Pianos Plus offers weekly lessons starting at $100 per month.

Reach Out To Local Bay Area Music Teachers For Support

And if you need a piano, keyboard, or other gear to sharpen your skills, Pianos Plus can help there as well. Pianos Plus is an authorized Yamaha piano store that also carries Weber pianos and offers rentals. Contact us today to get going on lessons.