Guide To Buying A Piano

Guide to Buying a New or Used Piano From An Authorized Bay Area Authorized

A piano is one of the most versatile and beautiful-sounding instruments in existence, and when you’re ready to buy an acoustic piano, there are a few purchase points you should be aware of. Before you even go browsing at any authorized Yamaha or Weber piano stores, give some thought to the few considerations below.

guide to buying a new piano in the bay area


Before you go looking for a piano, you should determine just how much you can afford to pay. Expect your piano to cost more than other instruments do, simply because they are very durable, and must generally be hand-crafted. The price you pay will depend largely on whether you’re buying new or used, although even a used instrument can be costly because pianos will generally last up to 50 years if properly made.


Be mindful of how much space you have available to place your piano, in the home. A grand piano is the largest, and generally the most expensive type of piano, being between five and nine feet in length, and most pianos range between three feet and five feet in height. If you have space limitations, you might want to consider a spinet, which is a compact piano that will fit in most areas.

Piano styles

Pianos are made in a wide variety of styles and sizes, so you should really look around to see what appeals to you, and what doesn’t. Check out the color of the piano, its overall look and feel, the cabinet style, the kind of wood used in its manufacture, and the design of the rack and legs. If you’re trying to coordinate your piano with existing home furnishings, you might want to carry a couple of pictures of your current furnishings with you when you’re out shopping. Whether you’re looking for a brand new piano or some great Bay Area used pianos for sale, the one place to go first is Pianos Plus, your Bay Area Yamaha piano dealer.

Warranties and repairs

When you’re checking out some possibilities, make sure to ask about how long any warranties will apply, and what exactly they will cover. Find out if the store you purchase from does regular maintenance and repairs, if they should be needed. Inquire about any promotions or discounts which might be offered at the time of your purchase, and when you do decide on one, ask if the bench is included, as well as delivery of the piano. Make sure the piano has been cleaned before it gets delivered to you, and that it has been tuned and is ready to be played.

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