Yamaha Has a New Trio of Premium Digital Pianos

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Yamaha, a leading name in the piano industry, announced the introduction of a new series called Clavinova CVP-800. This series of three pianos offers inspiring accompaniment styles and realistic-sounding instrument voices that musicians, students, and teachers of Bay Area piano lessons are sure to enjoy.

Clavinova Leads the Way in Digital Pianos

People already know that Clavinova is a name they can trust in Bay Area piano rentals and purchases. With its introduction of three new models, CVP-805, CVP-809, and CVP-809GP, Yamaha has improved its reputation as one of the best in the industry even more.

Each new model features attractive cabinetry that is sure to fit in well in your home or music studio. All have a color touch screen in the center of the piano as well. The dimensions of the color touch screen on the CVP-809 and CVP-809GP measure nine inches. Having a touch panel on the piano makes it simple for players to navigate multiple song selections.

Upgrades with the New Model Release

Previous generations of the Yamaha Clavinova model came equipped with a Music Finder Database. These new releases have a Playlist feature instead that is far more powerful and versatile. Players can store song titles with attachments, setups, and files to call up immediately when they need them later.

Another feature players are raving about is the Audio to Score function. It allows the capability to analyze music files from iTunes that the user has stored on an iPad or tablet. After completing the analysis, it produces chord symbol charts and piano accompaniments to match the current song. These display on the device sitting directly in front of the piano player.

Another new feature that showcases impressive technology is Articulation Element Modeling. This helps to boost sounds from acoustic instruments. Here are even more features you can look forward to when you buy or rent a Yamaha Clavinova CVP-805, CVP-809, or CVP-809GP:

  • 2 GB of RAM with ability to record audio without a thumb drive
  • Bluetooth audio
  • Chord looping technology
  • HDMI USB display outlet
  • Immersive experience with headphones using CFX with binaural samples
  • Microphone jack
  • MIDI interface, audio USB to HOST
  • Response Damper Pedal (GP)

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