Why Music Lessons Can Be A Priceless Gift

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Have You Explored All Of The Benefits Of Supporting Your Child’s Music Education?

When you sign your child up for piano lessons, you probably don’t consider that he or she will receive many benefits other than learning how to play the piano. Whether your child goes on to become an expert pianist or not, just the act of studying how to play Yamaha pianos will provide valuable life lessons and experiences.

Learn Piano, Do Better In Other Subjects

Even the American Psychological Association (APA) agrees that a child who learns how to play a Yamaha piano early in life may do better in school overall and have a higher IQ as an adult. According to the APA, the ideal age for kids to start piano lessons is between six and 11 years old. The organization correlates the jump in test scores and school performance with the concentration, increased vocabulary, and memorizing necessary to learn to play the piano well.

Students Learn the Value of Discipline and Hard Work

There’s no doubt that we live in a society of instant gratification. Many of today’s elementary school aged children have never learned the skill of waiting or working on something consistently to improve and eventually master it. Because music lessons build on previous information learned, they teach your child how to remain determined and focused to meet a goal. Even when kids make a lot of mistakes with piano lessons, the experience teaches them to learn from the errors instead of feeling overcome with frustration.

Piano Lessons Help refine Motor Skills and the Ability to Multi-Task

When taking Bay Area piano lessons, children naturally develop an increased sense of spatial awareness along with eye-hand coordination. One reason for this is that playing the piano forces your child to do different things with each hand to produce the desired result. Piano lessons teach the brain to listen for subtle differences with note and pitch and then use different hands to produce certain sounds.

Develop Teamwork And Respect For Authority

There’s more to playing the piano than just striking the keys. Students must also learn to look at the conductor, turn pages without losing their place in the piece, and coordinate their role with other students in the same production. Not only does this teach multi-tasking, it helps the student develop teamwork skills and respect for authority at the same time.

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