Buying A Keyboard Vs. A Piano For Your Student

buying a student piano in the bay area from an authorized Yamaha dealer

Looking To Get A Piano For Your Child?

When you or your child take piano lessons, you know it’s important for them to practice at home. But many people want to know if they can forego the purchase of a Yamaha piano or hybrid Weber and get a keyboard instead. Before you make that decision, it’s important to know the basic differences between a keyboard and a piano.

Major Differnces Between A Keyboard And A Piano

While a piano has 88 keys, keyboards can have fewer. This can make it difficult to play pieces with big ranges. Keyboards don’t have weighted keys. Pianos have weighted keys. That means the way the student plays has an impact on the sound generated. Since keyboards are electric, the strength of striking the key doesn’t make a difference in the sound.

Things To Consider Before Buying A New Or Used Piano

Before you make your decision to get either a used Weber piano or a keyboard, here are some questions to think about. The answers to these questions can help guide your purchase decision.  Another question is does your student’s piano teacher permit the use of keyboards to practice? Because keyboards and pianos are different, some piano teachers may not want your student practicing on a keyboard. Make sure you discuss options with the piano teacher before making a decision.

Ask Yourself How Dedicated Your Student Is To Learning Piano?

If you’re not sure whether the student will stick with lessons, a keyboard may be a better choice (and can be resold more easily). However, if your student is dedicated to learning the piano longterm and plans to stick with it, a piano might be a better long-term investment. Authorized Yamaha pianos are a great option.

What does the practice space look like?

Even small pianos can take up a lot of room, but keyboards can be stored away when not in use. Along similar lines, if you live in an apartment, there may be rules about what instruments can be brought into your home.

What kind of maintenance are you prepared for?

Pianos are acoustic instruments. That means there are things that have to be done regularly, like tuning, to keep the piano in its best condition.

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