How to Find a Piano Dealer You Can Trust

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Yamaha Piano YC150A piano is huge investment, even if you and your family are absolutely committed to filling your home and your lives with music. How can you obtain the best quality instrument for your money? Before you contact a Bay Area piano dealer, review these factors to evaluate the prospective store’s trustworthiness.

How long have they been in business? You want a piano store that is established in your community. As a piano owner, you may need repairs or accessories; you may want to take lessons; or you may decide years later to trade up to a better model. A trusted piano dealer should be around to address these and other needs, so you won’t have to start from scratch when you need urgent help (e.g. a tuning right before a recital).

What brands do they carry? Find a dealer that carries several brands and styles of pianos. They will be more likely to care about finding the right piano for your needs rather than pushing the one or two models they sell. Each piano has pros and cons. An honest dealer will pair you with a good choice, given your instrumental needs and financial considerations.

Do they guarantee the lowest price? Many dealers will inflate retail prices and offer you special “discounts” to seal the deal. These discounted prices are often much higher than what you would pay at a reputable store. Start with a dealer that guarantees prices rather than pushes gimmicks.

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For over four decades, Pianos Plus has served Bay Area virtuosos and budding musicians. As an authorized Yamaha piano dealer, we offer an excellent selection of new and used instruments with peerless customer service. We also provide piano lessons for people of all ages. Call us at (510) 581-1660 or visit our showroom today to see our vast selection, and find the piano that’s right for you and your family.