How to Choose the Perfect Piano for Your Home

choosing the right piano, what piano should i get?, bay areaThe piano is an exceptional musical instrument with a long and rich history, so it comes as no surprise why picking the right one may require some time. To make things a little easier for those planning to make such an investment, the following are some of the major aspects you should consider.

Major Aspects to Consider when Choosing a Piano

Non-weighted keyboards

One of the most important aspects that you should consider when purchasing a piano is the weight of the keys. The keys on an acoustic piano are fully-weighted and exert some resistance to your touch when you play a note. This feature allows the player to adjust the volume by simply altering his or her touch.

Most electric keyboards that are on the lower end of cost are non-weighted. They exert no resistance on the fingers, and each key seems or feels the same when played. That being said a keyboard could be great for someone with little space, on the go or who is learning.

Upright vs. grand piano

The upright piano gets its name from the fact that it stands upright and has a broader presentation. Sound is produced through the use of springs that allows the hammer to hit the string, producing sound. Its body also sits sideways and has its internal components running horizontally in an enclosed case. This could be great for someone on a budget or without the adequate space to support a grand piano.

The grand piano is much larger and lies parallel to the floor with its case held up by a lid prop. This grandeur instrument is a timeless classic that compliments any type of surrounding due to its beautiful craftsmanship. In addition to the external aesthetics, the grand piano has many internal advantages. Unlike the upright piano, the components of a grand piano run vertically and thus use gravity to create the interaction between the hammer and the string. This means more durability because gravity does not need to be replaced and maintained whereas springs do. Furthermore, grand pianos allow pianists to replay a note after the key is only 1/3 of the way to the top. This allows for the ability to play at a higher tempo and with much more control. The grand piano’s superior functionality, along with it’s eloquent features truly make it a marvelous creation.

Digital Pianos 

In our generation today, almost everything is done digitally. That includes the introduction of digital pianos. Digital pianos often have weighted keys that match those of its acoustic counterpart. These digital pianos have many benefits including its manageable size and weight, allowing you to transport it easily. They also do not have to be tuned and can even match the tone of various instruments. There are many built-in features that allow you to produce different sounds such as a violin, harp, drums, and many more. Similar to the silent piano, you can use headphones to ensure that only the artist can hear the music. The digital piano is very affordable and suitable to piano players of all skill levels.

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