Hand Exercises to Help Improve Your Piano Playing

The Best Ways To Get Even Better At Playing The Piano

Hands on a Digital Piano

Piano players need strong, flexible hands. To get into shape for tickling the ivories on your Yamaha piano, consider these tips.

1. Don’t protect your hands.

In general, unless you’ve been diagnosed with a specific medical problem or soft tissue injury, avoid being tentative about your hands. Strengthen them instead. Exercise your hands using grip work. Squeeze slowly – one full repetition should take ten seconds to close and another ten seconds to open. Aim to use heavy weight, so that you “fail” after 3-5 reps. You don’t need to work out every day – twice a week of doing these hand exercises should be plenty to develop the strength you need over time.

2. Invest in an instrument that you love to play and that feels comfortable to use.

Purchase a new or used piano from a local piano dealer and begin piano lessons so that you can exercise and train your hands every day.

3. Use left hand/right hand exercises.

Improve your hand strength and your piano playing abilities simultaneously by performing exercises that require you to play two different melodies at the same time.

4. Keep your entire body in shape.

When playing the piano properly, you will use your whole body. Instead of focusing only on your hands, perform exercises that strengthen all of the muscles in your arms and shoulders and chest, following the same protocol described above (also known as HIIT training). In addition, rest, de-stress, eat plenty of healthy fat and protein and green vegetables, and stay away from sugar, processed vegetable oils and refined carbohydrates.

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