Electric or Acoustic Piano? What Are The Differences?

When choosing between an acoustic piano and electric piano, there are several things to consider. From budget and space to technique and design, a lot is different about acoustic pianos from the electric ones. electric keyboard or acoustic piano

Acoustic Piano and Electronic pianos- The Basic Differences

As it is with all acoustic instruments, it is the strings that produce music in an acoustic piano. When you hit a key, the hammer falls on strings, giving way to music. Even with technology these days, nothing quite compares. On the other hand, electric pianos are like electric guitars, where hitting a note gives way to more amplified version of the music, coming from a speaker.

Range of piano

On the whole, pianos come with 88 notes. However, depending on the budget and type of design preferred by people, there are pianos with 25 to 76 keys as well. These are much more pocket-friendly and give the user a choice to change the notes while editing, as per their requirement.

Weight of Keys

In many electric pianos, the keys are very light. These can have a plastic-like feel and for someone who wants a more realistic and traditional feel of playing piano won’t really like the lightness since acoustic pianos have heavy scaled hammer keys. Some more expensive electric pianos, on the other hand, have weighted keys and are full sized.

Storage and Living Arrangements

Do you have space, do you plan to move? Electric pianos are easy to carry while the classic acoustic ones can be a real trouble when it comes to moving into a new home or placing in a rather compact room.

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