Digital Vs. Acoustic Piano

yamaha digital piano

Trying to Decide Between and Digital or Acoustic Yamaha Piano?

You have decided to buy or rent a Yamaha piano but still face a big decision. Should you go for digital or acoustic and what’s the difference between them anyway? We explore the answer to that question below.

Acoustic Pianos

Although people across the world use the word piano to describe this instrument, the actual term is pianoforte. The first half of the word, piano, means soft while forte refers to loud. The ability to produce both sounds is what makes the acoustic piano a unique musical instrument.

Piano enthusiasts consider acoustic pianos the traditional or real type. The acoustic piano comes with 220 strings, a soundboard, solid wood case, hammers, and several other moving parts. This type of piano produces organic sounds that sound especially clear when you play classical music.

The size and weight of the typical acoustic piano can be a drawback for some people. These musical instruments do require significant space in your home since they are several feet long and can weigh up to 500 pounds. Acoustic pianos are also sensitive to temperature, humidity, and frequent repositioning. You should plan to tune your acoustic piano at least every six months and dust it weekly.

Digital Pianos

Digital Bay Area Yamaha pianos are electric and have far fewer moving parts than acoustic pianos do. The sound comes through built-in speakers, which some people like and others do not because they want a more authentic experience and sound. However, Bay Area digital piano stores work with manufacturers that improve the digital piano experience every year. For example, certain styles of digital pianos now include heavy wooden keys that sound more like an acoustic piano than an electronic one.

Compared to acoustic pianos, digital pianos are much lighter and easier to move. They can tolerate heat and humidity much better as well. Although digital pianos can typically withstand environmental threats better, you need to be careful not to spill drinks on them and to set up the piano near a workable outlet. They don’t require tuning and you can reduce the volume to not disturb others and protect your own hearing with headphones.

Pianos Plus is Here to Help

We know you have several considerations when it comes to acoustic vs. digital pianos such as your personal preferences, budget, and available space in your home. We are one of the best Bay Area digital piano stores. The staff at Pianos Plus in the Bay Area would be happy to help you evaluate your options. We’re also available for piano lessons, rentals, and sales.