Tips on Buying a Used Piano

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Are You Looking at Buying a Used Piano?

While it’s human nature to sometimes want to go for the shiniest and the newest, there are sometimes advantages in purchasing something that is used. Many choose this option when searching for a car. Considering cars that have had previous owners is often a good choice.

The same thing is true for musical instruments – you might enjoy seeing and trying out a shiny new piano in the showroom but you also might enjoy getting a great deal on a piano that others have owned and played. Many piano stores offer a good selection of used Yamaha and Weber pianos.

In fact, a used Yamaha piano or other brands can offer some elements that make it more appealing.

Price, for instance, is usually much lower on a used model than a brand new one. Often the quality and craftsmanship is similar between this year’s model and model that’s a few years ago, but considerably more affordable.

Choosing from one of the used Weber or Yamaha pianos may also have richer and fuller tones, especially if it has some history to it. If the piano has had any broken parts replaced over the years and has had regular maintenance, it will likely be in good shape.

If you’ve decided to focus your search on a used piano, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Try it out first – Sitting down and playing a certain song on the all models of piano you’re considering is be a good way to hear how it sounds and which sounds most appeal to you.
  • The size of piano for moving considerations – You may have truly found a piano you like but but you want to take measurements and be sure you can get it into your home. You may also have to move it again in the future, so considering your home stability and how often you may move is important as this will add to the cost of the lifetime of your piano.
  • Plan ahead for future maintenance needs – Much like moving costs, owners are encouraged to take care of their pianos regularly which is a cost to factor into having one in your home. Regular tuning and repairs when needed is an important part to extending the life of your piano.
  • Who will play it and why? – Some people may have great intentions when buying a piano and it ends up sitting and not being used. Others like to have lessons no matter their age and end of making great use of these beautiful instruments. Adding Bay Area piano lessons in when setting up your budget will ensure you make the most of your purchase.

Are You Looking to Buy a Used Yamaha Piano?

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