Benefits of Exposing Your Child To Music

Why You Need To Introduce Music Into Your Child’s Life

Bay Area children playing the piano

Introducing your child to music through concert outings or a piano rental can have profound benefits not just for his or her development but also for the whole family. Music exposure leads to all sorts of positives, such as:

1. It enhances creativity.

Exposure to music through piano lessons or other forms of study or active listening helps children to experience the world in a different way. This experience encourages innovative thinking, improved communication and increased productivity.

2. It closes the achievement gap.

Music crosses socio-economic boundaries, reaching students regardless of their backgrounds or learning styles. Students who are not as successful as their peers in other subject can perform as well or better as peers in music.

3. It improves educational outcomes.

Studies suggest that students who participate in the arts are more likely to do well in other subjects, including mathematics and reading. While correlation obviously does not imply causation – there may be other reasons why musical achievers do well in these other subjects – there are no downsides to giving children the gift of musical expression.

Get Your Child Involved With Music Today!

To get your child involved in music, consider enrolling him or her in music lessons and/or visiting our Bay Area piano store to choose his or her own instrument. Our team can help you find the most appropriate instrument and recommend amazing local resources and teachers.

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