How To Get The Most From Your Regular Piano Practice

play better piano by practicing well

Are You Using Your Piano Practice Time Wisely?

Using piano practice time effectively will reward you with the quickest possible mastery of the instrument. As you gain proficiency, your performance improves, as does your enjoyment of playing the piano. The innovative features of a Yamaha piano or Weber piano can help even the most advanced player get more from practice time and further enhance their playing ability.

Focus On Quality Practice

Start with proper position, relax and warm up: Set correct, comfortable ergonomics before beginning to practice piano. A comfortable distance from your keyboard, along with proper seat height, makes your practice more pleasant and helps you make steady progress. Being kind to your body is always wise so that you develop good playing habits for a long career.

Slow Down, Learn The Right Way

Slow down, play one hand and one section: Set your metronome to help you play slowly, to better commit your fingering to memory. Practice sections out of order, so you never get bored and gain complete familiarity with the music on your Yamaha digital or Weber pianos.

Check Timing

Use your metronome for proper pacing: Without the aid of the metronome, which is conveniently built into digital Yamaha pianos, you may (without realizing) slow your playing pace, especially during difficult (or unfamiliar) sections of your piano performance. Also, you may tend to speed through sections you know well. Your metronome is your friend, helping you develop proper rhythm.

Use Headphones

Use headphones to assess piano practice: Not only will this avoid annoying others in your home as you practice your Yamaha piano playing over and over, but it can also help you concentrate on each aspect of your performance to locate areas for improvement. Record your practice on your digital piano. Since your music teacher won’t always be around to ensure you don’t develop poor playing technique and you may not recognize errors on your own, playback is invaluable. Most digital Yamaha and Weber pianos will let you listen to the playback from your session to help you find (and practice to eliminate) any issues you may not notice while you’re actively playing.

Take Breaks From Your Practice Sessions

Avoid marathon practice sessions: “Cramming” for a test (or an upcoming performance) is a bad idea. Don’t depend upon long practice sessions, at the keyboard of your Weber piano, to become a great player. Instead, do short sessions daily to keep up your “muscle memory” consistently and do not skip a day. Rather than playing your piano for a specific number of minutes, build your practice around mastery of a single, small goal per session. This makes practice on a piano more exciting–and provides you with milestones to celebrate with each short, daily piano practice session.

Are You Ready To Get More Out Of Your Yamaha Piano Practice At Home?

Using these tips will help you to get the most out of your music lessons, and your practice between lessons. At Pianos Plus, your Bay Area Yamaha Piano dealer, we carry a wide selection of pianos and keyboards for sale or rent. In addition to piano purchase or rental, we also offer piano lessons to improve your performance and enjoyment of piano playing. Visit Pianos Plus today or click HERE to view our website.