Why You Should Buy Your Piano from an Authorized Dealer

Tips From Your Bay Area Authorized Yamaha Piano Dealers

You’re shopping for Yamaha pianos, and you want to find an excellent deal on an instrument that you may keep for years, if not decades, to give your child music lessons or practice your composition skills. However, before you make an impulsive decision, be sure that you only use authorized dealers during this process. Why? Several reasons:


1. You could get a bad product.

Just because a piano “looks good” on inspection does not mean it is good enough for your purposes. An unauthorized dealer might try to sell you a used or damaged or altered instrument. You may not discover any problems until weeks or even months later, when you try to use the piano for a special function. Getting such instruments repaired/replaced can be a pain and quite expensive. For instance, you may not have much, if any, recourse from the manufacturer.

2. Fraud.

If a company is willing to sell pianos in an unauthorized way, that’s a bad sign. It indicates that the company may be willing to play by its own rules and not operate in an ethical, transparent manner. Unauthorized dealers have been known to take credit card information and use it in fraudulent ways. And you can just forget about support after the sale, in most cases.

3. Sets a bad precedent.

To the extent that unauthorized dealers are rewarded by consumer behavior is to the extent that they will continue to promote unfair practices and make piano buying a needlessly stressful experience for everyone involved.

4. Authorized piano dealers can offer better, more complete insights.

Whether you want to save money on a great instrument or just choose a piano that’s perfectly suited to your playing needs, budget, space, and potential, call the Pianos Plus team now and let our authorized Yamaha dealers help you! 510-581-1660