How to Choose Between Buying An Acoustic Vs. Digital Piano

Buying A Digital Or Acoustic Piano From A Bay Area Authorized Yamaha Piano Store

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Choosing between an acoustic piano and a digital one can be difficult, unless there are specific qualities you’re looking for, such as portability for playing at concerts. For strictly home usage, either piano would be very good, although if you wanted to avoid disturbing the rest of the household, you might want to go digital and use headphones that would prevent sound from passing all throughout the house. Here is a breakdown of the differences between the two kinds of pianos, to help you make a more informed decision when it comes time to purchase your new Yamaha piano.

Acoustic Pianos

Acoustic pianos have changed very little since the time of their original development, other than some experimentation with the cabinets housing them and the length of the keys. The sound made by an acoustic piano is produced by having felt-covered hammers strike steel wires which are situated within the cabinet of the piano. The keys of an acoustic piano are weighted, so that there is a natural feel when striking them, and the sound which is then produced, also feels rich and natural. Acoustic pianos lack the versatility and the portability of a digital, but they are the time-honored version of one of the world’s great musical instruments.

Digital Pianos

Digital pianos do not have hammers or string which are struck – the sound produced by a digital piano comes from the playback of a high-quality acoustic piano when a specific key is struck. Although the keys are not naturally weighted as acoustic keys are, the keys on a digital piano can be artificially weighted to give them a more natural feel. In some cases, they can also be adjusted so that the level of touch required to produce a sound can be increased or decreased, according to the player’s taste. Digital pianos also allow you to switch between piano, organ, and harpsichord, to add versatility to your playing.

Where To Purchase An Authorized Yamaha Acoustic Or Digital Piano In The Bay Area

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