Weber Pianos – A Long History of High Quality Pianos

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A Little History About Weber Pianos

Weber was a name that was once synonymous with pianos in the United States. The Weber name has gone through many companies throughout the 20th Century and may no longer be its own, but Weber pianos can still be found in Bay Area piano stores, and they’re still widely used by professional pianists around the world.

The Weber Piano Company started in New York in 1851. They served many families in the area, but Weber pianos also became popular with performers in Europe. Weber piano stores really started out with a large showroom in 1880, but Weber eventually merged with the instrument company Aeolian-American in 1903. Aeolian-American sold Weber pianos until it collapsed in 1985, and the Weber Piano Company was sold to Young Chang. Despite selling Weber to Samsung just two years later, they continue to manufacture Weber pianos, which are still held up as some of the highest-quality pianos in the world.

Upright and Grand Pianos

At the company’s height, the Weber Piano Company was one of the leading piano companies in the United States. They were one of the biggest rivals of Steinway and Sons, and they were known for their excellent craftsmanship. Weber pianos are no longer manufactured in the United States, but they remain incredibly popular for live performance and studio recording.

Like most companies that sell fine pianos, Weber focuses almost solely on upright and grand pianos. Weber produces seven different high-end pianos under the Albert Weber name. These include two classic grands, a professional grand, and a baby grand. In fact, the Weber Piano Company coined the term “baby grand” in regards to pianos. The upright Weber pianos that are available include a professional upright, a designer console, a series upright, and a studio upright. They are available at many Bay Area piano stores, so feel free to ask around and find a Weber piano that feels right for you.

Even though you can argue that Weber name isn’t as big as it once was, there is no denying the company’s history and the quality of the pianos that are available today.

Bay Area Piano Stores – New and Used Yamaha and Weber Pianos

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