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History of Weber Pianos: A High-Quality Choice for Dedicated Musicians

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Weber pianos have a rich history, having been owned and played by royalty, aristocracy, famous musicians and canonized clergymen. Originally started by German immigrant Albert Weber, Weber Pianos Company built the highest quality pianos for over a century in their New York City headquarters.The quality and composition of the finely crafted pianos made them a worthwhile investment and exclusive favorite among the wealthy upper class.

Weber pianos also made a huge impression in Europe and the royal court, where they received a special royal symbol and the prestigious designation as the “piano of the royal family” in England, Wales, Italy, Belgium and Sweden.

Famous musicians such as Madeline Schiller, Constantin Ivanovich von Sternberg, and Ignacy Paderewski aided in the increasing frequency of Weber piano sales among pianists by using these quality pianos for their performances. Composer Moritz Rosenthal also composed famous compositions such as “Papillons” and toured with a Weber piano throughout the United States.

Pope Pius X purchased the Weber piano for personal use in his apostolic palace, where it was utilized for years. Eventually, Weber pianos would become the official piano of the Vatican.

Weber pianos grew in popularity in the late 19th and 20th century under the ownership and promotion of Albert Weber as well as his son Albert Weber Jr.

Later on, the company would merge and be sold multiple times until its most recent acquisition by Korean firm Young Chang, which in turn sold the Weber name to Samsung Group in 1987.[2] Young Chang itself was purchased by Hyundai Development Company in 2006.

Weber pianos differ from other pianos because they use better-quality materials, have lower tension strings and softer hammers, which contribute to a “warm” sound that Albert Weber strongly advertised as the “Weber tone” in the late nineteenth century.

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