Delwin Fandrich Brings Highest Craftsmanship to Weber Pianos

The Secret Behind Weber Pianos

Those considering Weber pianos for their next instrument are not alone in their discerning taste. This British piano company began in 1852, when Albert Weber pioneered the grand piano for use in concert halls. Since then, these sophisticated and high-quality instruments have been a top choice for musicians around the world.

Weber pianos

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Now enhancing their already compelling collection is the new Weber DS Series, which is making its way into local Weber piano stores. Engineered by American piano legend Delwin Fandrich, these pianos introduce a higher level of craftsmanship and design.

Fandrich brings a significant number of accomplishments and qualifications to Weber, including:

  • A long history. He has built pianos for several decades, since the age of 17.
  • Prestigious customers. Clients throughout his career have included the Oregon Symphony Orchestra and Portland Civic Auditorium.
  • Extensive industry experience. From his early building and repair days to the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company’s Director of Research and Development, Fandrich’s industry credentials are considerable.

Working now to bring unparalleled quality and performance to Weber pianos, Fandrich is certainly a valued addition to their team.

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