The Weber Grand Piano – Gorgeous Classic Available at Our Yamaha Piano Store

What sets the Weber Grand Piano apart from the competition? Why might you consider this Weber over other fine instruments?

Authorized Weber Piano DealerFirst, let’s consider some specs and features.

The 6 foot 1 classic grand comes in a variety of finishes, including mahogany, white, walnut and ebony polish. The manufacturer uses northern spruce wood that’s been tested to transmit sound beautifully for musical performances. The soundboard design brings out a rich basso tone, courtesy a series of special engineered creases. The elasticity and low specific gravity of the wood keys give pianists an excellent sense of control over the instrument–but also a firm feel, so you can enjoy a full dynamic expression from your piano forte.

The Weber piano company’s foundry uses an electrical vacuum casting method to align the strings via something called a V-process construction to bear tension. This translates into responsive and durable strings. The hammers are also highly dynamic–they connect with the strings in just 1/250th of a second, allowing pianists to play complicated, very up-tempo pieces with precision. Longer delays between keyboard depression and hammer striking can lead to subtle but annoying dissonance and can throw you off when you’re playing a complex piece.

The piano is made of hard maple manufactured with an extremely strict air tolerance. Since thousands of different parts work so seamlessly–thanks to relentless, diverse testing–you can count on the quality, tone, and volume of sound to bear up to “real world” stresses–e.g. in high school music classrooms, orchestras, recording studios, etc.

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