Tips on Buying Your Child’s First Piano

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Looking to buy your child a piano?

If you aren’t very knowledgeable about pianos, it can be a bit overwhelming when you go about trying to purchase one for your children to learn on. In order to deal with some of the most important considerations involved, the major points below are discussed, so you can form an opinion about what you really want. Once you’ve given some thought to these issues, you should have a much better idea about what you want to look for, and you can better express that to Bay Area piano dealers.

Full-sized or smaller-sized?

A full-sized piano has 88 keys on the keyboard, whereas smaller instruments have either 61 or 76 keys, and the smaller pianos will always include the most commonly-played notes, while omitting the low-end and high-end notes. The smaller sized pianos may be fine for novices, but if you expect that your child will continue on with piano study for some time, it’s better to just start right out with the full-sized version, because it won’t be long before he/she starts playing pieces which call for the full keyboard to be used.

Acoustic vs digital

The difference between these two types was much more pronounced a decade or so ago, but much of the disparity in sound quality has been overcome now, and a good digital piano today can have sound quality comparable to a good acoustic instrument. There will generally be more maintenance involved with regular tuning of acoustic pianos, simply because they require more moving parts to produce their sound. Since tuning is generally required on an acoustic at least every six months, and tuning costs are not cheap, that maintenance cost can add up in a hurry. Talk to the staff at the East Bay piano stores about the selection they offer. 

What if your child loses interest?

This is a legitimate question, and it has certainly happened often enough to make it an issue you should consider. However, if you think that the best hedge against potential dwindling interest is to buy a cheap keyboard, that may not be the best route to go. If your child doesn’t have a history of sticking conscientiously with an undertaking, there are other approaches you can take to protect your investment. For instance, you could look into purchasing a high-quality used piano, or you could even rent a piano from some shops which offer that option. In any case, it would be better not to allow the financial aspect of acquiring a piano interfere with what will be the best learning vehicle for your budding Chopin.

Are you looking for Bay Area piano stores?

Your first stop when looking for Bay Area piano sales for your child should be at Pianos Plus, where you’ll have a wide range of both new and used pianos to choose from, and where you can even rent a piano for your child, if you prefer. To extend the full-service concept, Pianos Plus can also offer lessons to your child to help get him/her started in the wonderful world of piano music. Contact us at your convenience to inquire about any of our products or services, or come visit us at our Bay Area piano store.