Some Unexpected Benefits of Playing the Piano

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Playing the piano has many benefits!

There are quite a number of benefits of playing musical instruments, especially a piano that goes far beyond acquiring new skills and appreciation of music. Most of these benefits can be applied to both children and adults. It is never too late to explore your musical side. If you’ve been thinking about taking Bay Area piano lessons but you are not sure whether you should go ahead and do it or not, here are some unexpected benefits you can reap.

1. You Will Have a Better Response to Criticism

It’s always best to learn from a qualified piano teacher who is experienced in the field.  Such a teacher can be able to give you criticisms that can help. When students see that their teacher experienced and well-qualified in what he or she is teaching, it’s always way easier to take instructions and advice from him or her. You will develop the ability to acquire constructive lessons from criticism and also respond to it. This ability will apply to other aspects of your life as well.

2. Improved Ability to Handle Stress

The ability to play piano in front of a crowd comes in handy in helping students deal with symptoms of shyness and stage fright. Practicing piano by yourself can also teach you how to be dedicated, self-disciplined and the ability to set your own goals.

3. Increased Social Participation

The ability to be able to play a piano in front of people helps in a big way. It gives you an opportunity to connect with lots of people who are interested in watching you showcase a great performance. This makes it easier for you to connect with your audience and expand your social network. You will never know when having such a connection will help you when you are going through difficult times.

4. You Will Learn to React Well to Disappointments and Success

Disappointments and successes are always bound to happen in almost all aspects of life. You are likely to gain skills on how to better handle disappointments and successes especially if you participate in piano playing competitions. A good piano teacher will teach you how to handle instances of both disappointments and successes when they happen along the way. This reason alone with worth looking into Bay Area piano sales.

5. Stronger Hand Muscles

Playing any musical instrument especially the piano helps in developing dexterity in young children and also can help in maintaining strength in adults’ hands. Your piano teacher will teach you the correct positioning of your hands so that you can easily develop hand muscles.

Are you ready to learn the piano?

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