How Weather Conditions Affect Your Piano.

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What Can You Do To Protect Your Piano From Weather Warping?

Piano maintenance and care are important aspects of owning a piano. There are quite a number of environmental factors that can affect the state of your piano ranging from minor effects to bigger and more costly damages. Owning a Bay Area piano requires a bit of extra care to extend the lifetime of your piano. Chances are that you’ve seen pianos in different homes collect dust, picture frames and other items that can scuff the outer polish. Some factors can also affect the inner part of your piano as well. Two of these factors include temperature and humidity.

The larger part of your piano is mainly made out of wood. Slight changes in weather conditions can have adverse effects on your piano. Changes in humidity can make the wood either shrink or swell, thus affecting the tuning ability and the touch. Depending on the region you come from, there are some precautionary measures you should take to prolong the life of your piano. For example, if you come from San Francisco, East Bay, and the surrounding areas, the humidity is high, and you should employ appropriate measures to protect your piano.

How Does The Level of Humidity Affect Piano Tuning?

One of the most immediate effects of humidity on a Weber or Yamaha piano is the shrinking and swelling of the soundboard. The soundboard is a crowned shape sheet of wood, which is about 3/8 inches thick. The piano is constructed so that its strings pass through the soundboard and then attached to a wooden piece known as the bridge. The soundboards upward crown presses the bridge tightly against the strings.

As the level of moisture raises in the soundboard when there is high humidity, the crown increases in size and in return pushes the bridge harder against the strings. This action makes the strings to stretch tighter thus raising the pitch.

On the other hand, during periods when humidity is low, the soundboard reduces in size due to shrinking. This act reduces the crown and decreases pressure exerted against the piano strings. In return, the pitch drops with the utmost effect being noticed at the keyboard center. After the weather has normalized, the settings will go back to normal, but the tuning will not be the same.

What Can You Do to Minimize Humidity Problems?

Ensuring a constant level of humidity around your Yamaha or Weber piano is very important when it comes to ensuring that it stays in tune. The first measure you can take is ensuring that the piano stays away from areas with extreme temperatures. Example of these areas include areas such as heating and cooling areas, doors, windows, and stoves. Also, keep your piano away from places with direct sunlight.

Another step you can take is controlling the level of humidity in your home. In most areas of the country such as San Francisco, the East Bay, and the surrounding areas, humidity is high during winter and very low in summer. You can invest in a hygrometer to monitor changes in humidity. During summer you can use a room humidifier but be careful not to add too much moisture to your rooms environment.

One of the very effective ways to deal with a humidity problem is to install a humidity control system in the room where you keep your piano. These units consist of three different parts; the first part is the humidifier that adds moisture into the environment, the second part is a dehumidifier for eliminating moisture and the third part is a control unit for sensing the level of humidity in the air. The units are simple to maintain and will go an extra mile in ensuring that your piano lasts for years to come.

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