Yamaha Clavinova CSP Digital Pianos ‘Gamify’ Learning

Digital yamaha pianoYamaha’s new Clavinova CSP Digital Piano is something that’s never been seen before! It is the world’s first piano that is able to scan a user’s music library on a smart tablet and transfer those notes and chords to the piano in the form of lights. Even if you have never played the piano before, owners of this Clavinova will now be able to follow the stream of lights and play the tune to their favorite songs! Continue reading

Yamaha Transacoustic Technology

Yamaha Transacoustic Piano Technology – Yamaha digital pianos were never more natural.

Many pianists love the authentic timbre of an acoustical piano but play electronic keyboards to be able to add other instrumental sounds to their pieces.

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Which Type of Piano Is Right for Me?

Choosing the right piano in the Bay Area

You’ve been on a whirlwind tour of Bay Area piano stores. Whether your daughter could be the next great piano prodigy of the 21st Century; or you’re a recording artist who needs a newer instrument, you’re struggling to figure out what instruments might be the most appropriate for you.

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Tips for Purchasing a Used Piano

How to Find the Best Used Piano in the Bay Area

As proud retailers of Weber pianos, Yamaha pianos, and Kurzweil instruments, we at Pianos Plus want our clients to discover customized solutions. Just because you don’t have space (or the budget) to get a gorgeous, brand new high-end grand does not mean you should forego your kids’ music education or give up on your dreams of recording the next great break-out pop single (or modern symphony). Continue reading

Learning to Play the Piano: 3 Myths versus Realities

Whether you’re learning to play the piano again, after a decade’s long hiatus; or you’re trying to teach a young child according to best practices, you may have been led astray by the following 3 myths about what it takes to become an adept (or even a passable) pianist. Continue reading

Picking the Perfect Piano

Picking a piano for your home, office, or studio can be quite an adventure.

There are thousands of different makes and models available. Whether you’re searching for a baby grand for your living room, an upright piano for recording studio, or a digital piano for your classroom, this article will introduce you to a thinking process to help you make your decision. Continue reading

The Yamaha NU1 Hybrid Piano – Superb Feel, Classic Design

Perhaps you’re a Bay Area music teacher in search of the perfect Yamaha hybrid piano for your classroom. Or maybe you’re a composer or student musician who wants a rockin’ piano that combines all the digital “bells and whistles” with the authentic action of a classic upright. In either case, you’re going to love Yamaha’s new NU1 Hybrid, a compact, elegant hybrid digital piano that marries the lovely, subtle acoustic properties of a traditional instrument with cutting-edge tech. The NU1 belongs to Yamaha’s Avant Garde Piano series, hybrid pianos that boast reduced maintenance requirements, tuning issues, etc. The NU1 is a great piano if you work in a small studio or if you lack the budget to buy a large stringed instrument. Continue reading

Yamaha Piano Care

Yamaha Piano Care

A Piano can be a wonderful investment, providing years, if not decades, of beautiful music, brain development, and other aesthetic pleasures. But if you don’t take good care of your piano, the instrument will lose its delicacy and optimal sound, and may even pose a safety hazard. To get the best use out of your Yamaha piano, consider these simple tips: Continue reading