A Short History of Yamaha Piano 

bay area yamaha piano stores

Bay Area Yamaha Piano Stores – History of Yamaha Pianos

It was in 1887 that Torakusu Yamaha first began producing pianos, for a company which he named Nippon Gakki, which translates to ‘Japan Musical Instruments’. The demand for pianos in America quickly began soaring, and by 1902, Yamaha had already produced his first Grand Piano. For the next several years, Yamaha pianos were exhibited in a number of competitions, and won numerous prizes for their craftsmanship and for their superior sound. Continue reading

Beware of Bay Area University Piano Sales!

Beware! It’s that time again!!! Spoiler Alert!

yamaha pianoOnce again, it’s that time of year you will be receiving that very special letter from that very special university reminding you of that very special piano sale offering you special pricing of new and used Yamaha pianos. Continue reading

Yamaha B1 Acoustic Upright: A Gorgeous Instrument That’s Surprisingly Affordable

Affordable Yamaha Pianos

For over 40 years, the team here at Pianos Plus has obsessively tested and reviewed Yamaha’s pianos. The B1 Acoustic Upright is one of Yamaha’s most affordable acoustics, designed with impeccable craftsmanship (of course) for smooth performance and great aesthetics. According to the company’s website, the B1 is the piano equivalent of a European compact car — much like the Mini Cooper or the Fiat. Continue reading