30 Years of the Yamaha Disklavier


Commemorating 30 years of the Yamaha Disklavier’s excellence and innovation

Roughly 30 years ago, the Yamaha Corporation of America introduced the first MX-100A: the Yamaha Disklavier; a 48-inch, upright reproducing piano. Powered by a PianoSoft music library and comprised of a mere eleven 3.5 inch magnetic floppy disks, this was the first MX-100A launched in the U.S. Continue reading

Yamaha Disklavier: Remote Piano Lesson Technology

Hybrid Piano Technology Opens New Possibilities

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The digital pianos of today far surpass older player pianos. In particular, the Yamaha Disklavier offers technological advancement in sound recording and playback capabilities, making it the perfect learning and music preservation tool. This acoustic yamaha piano with fiber optic system technologies offers everything a music aficionado could ever want in a piano. Continue reading

Yamaha Disklavier RemoteLive Technology: Ridiculously Cool Stuff

If only Beethoven and Prokofiev were alive to check out the unbelievably cool Disklavier RemoteLive technology by Yamaha: they would have a creative field day. This technology is bound to change the way that composers, musicians, and educators interact with one another and perform, record, and share their works. Continue reading