What to Consider Before Buying a Piano

Piano Buying Tips

Weber Piano StoresWhether you’re looking to purchase a small Yamaha piano to practice your composition skills and record some “singer-songwriter” tracks for a demo, or you’re investigating piano options for a budding musician in your household who’s eager to practice every day, consider conducting extensive research before buying your piano. You want to explore specs, talk to experts and consider all this information in the context of what you really want and need out of the experience. When shopping for a piano, consider these 5 key issues: Continue reading

A Quick Guide To Purchasing Your First Piano

An Authorized Dealer’s Tips for Piano Shopping

Authorized Yamaha Piano StoreWhether you’re searching for an instrument to gift to your granddaughter or investing in a piano to compose or record music, you probably have a dizzying number of questions on your mind about how to get the most from your piano purchase. First, familiarize yourself with some of the features you want, and then talk through the different types of piano constructions and options with a professional. Here are some crucial guidelines and tips to get you started on your journey: Continue reading