How To Get The Most From Your Regular Piano Practice

play better piano by practicing well

Are You Using Your Piano Practice Time Wisely?

Using piano practice time effectively will reward you with the quickest possible mastery of the instrument. As you gain proficiency, your performance improves, as does your enjoyment of playing the piano. The innovative features of a Yamaha piano or Weber piano can help even the most advanced player get more from practice time and further enhance their playing ability.

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How to Play the Piano with Correct Posture

Piano Playing Lesson: Perfect Posture

At our Bay Area piano store, we often see people play with less than ideal posture. Proper ergonomics is critical, especially if you’re planning to play several hours a day and/or if you’re building a musical career. Poor posture, for instance, can contribute to problems like repetitive stress injury and thoracic outlet syndrome. For greater comfort, it is important to practice sitting right. Continue reading