How To Get The Most From Your Regular Piano Practice

play better piano by practicing well

Are You Using Your Piano Practice Time Wisely?

Using piano practice time effectively will reward you with the quickest possible mastery of the instrument. As you gain proficiency, your performance improves, as does your enjoyment of playing the piano. The innovative features of a Yamaha piano or Weber piano can help even the most advanced player get more from practice time and further enhance their playing ability.

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How to Improvise on the Piano

Piano Playing Tips and Tricks

Improvisation on the piano is creative, rewarding, interesting, beautiful – and more difficult than it sounds. Improvisation requires a basic knowledge of scales, chords, and other parts of music theory, but once you know the rules, it’s easy to start playing with (or even breaking) them. Continue reading

How to Prepare for a Piano Recital

Tips For Practicing The Piano

From novices to highly accomplished piano players, recitals often represent an exciting – yet stressful – part of taking music lessons. While practicing a piece may seem simple and enjoyable at home or in the relative privacy of Bay Area piano stores, the prospect of doing so in front of friends, family, and strangers can strike fear into the hearts of the most dedicated musicians. Continue reading

Motivating Kids to Practice the Piano Over the Summer

Music Lessons in the Bay Area

Bay Area Piano Lessons

Learning to play the piano is a rewarding experience for many students, but not all children understand the importance of consistent and regular practice. Excitement over summer activities can steal your pupil’s motivation to practice and lead to arguments and bad feelings.

By using a few effective techniques, parents can help their children continue to build on the skills they have learned in their music lessons all season long. These methods include: Continue reading

Too Old to Learn to Play the Piano? [Not by a Long Shot!]

Tips For Adult Piano Players

TooOldToPlayPianoAs an adult who never learned to play the piano (that well), you’re exploring Bay Area music lessons or even pricing out potential pianos. But does your brain retain enough neural plasticity to allow you to master a highly technical new skill like piano playing? Continue reading

Practicing the Piano S L O W L Y: What’s the Point?

Effective Piano Lesson Techniques

Whether you’re researching Bay Area piano stores or pricing out piano lessons for your 10-year-old daughter, you’ve been bombarded with different philosophies about how to teach and play the instrument. Here’s one intriguing philosophy – slow practice. Continue reading