Science Shows Why Pianists Have a Better Brain Structure

Piano Player

How are piano players brain different than anyone else’s?

The piano is indeed a beautiful musical instrument. Isn’t it? To reach the ultimate aural perfection, piano players typically spend hundreds of hours for practicing different scales and phrases. While mastering these skills, these players develop an absolutely unique brain capacity. According to a recent scientific research, it has been proved that piano players’ brains are quite unique and different from others. Please keep reading and reveal six reasons that prove why pianists have a better brain structure.

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How Weather Conditions Affect Your Piano.

out-of-tune piano, bay area, hayward, castro valley

What Can You Do To Protect Your Piano From Weather Warping?

Piano maintenance and care are important aspects of owning a piano. There are quite a number of environmental factors that can affect the state of your piano ranging from minor effects to bigger and more costly damages. Owning a Bay Area piano requires a bit of extra care to extend the lifetime of your piano. Chances are that you’ve seen pianos in different homes collect dust, picture frames and other items that can scuff the outer polish. Some factors can also affect the inner part of your piano as well. Two of these factors include temperature and humidity.

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Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Used Piano

Keyboard of piano

What To Look For When Purchasing A Used Piano

The piano is one of the most popular and famous musical instruments across the globe. It has been played by some of the famous musicians, but is also one of the starter instruments that most newbies both young and old learn music on. The piano is a complex and large instrument that is often accompanied by a hefty price tag. This is why the market for a used piano is generally larger than for brand new ones. Although they may not be in their best condition, there are some benefits why you should consider buying a used piano. Here are some of the top pros and cons of purchasing a used piano.

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The Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons as an Adult

bay area piano lessons for adultsTaking piano lessons as an adult can feel like a doubting task to many, but one worth bearing through the initial hesitation. Leaning how to play the piano as a child is very different compared to learning as an adult. Piano lessons for adults are generally more fun than it is for kids. This is primarily because adults who take piano lessons do so because they really want to, which is certainly not true for kids that take the lessons because their parents want to. However, that is not the only reason why adults should take piano lessons. Here are some more benefits of taking piano lessons as an adult. Continue reading

The Benefits of Music Education In Early Childhood

Piano, piano lessons, music educationMusic and singing play an integral part of our culture. You will find that music is present in many aspects of our lives: movies, television, celebrations, holidays, worship, military ceremonies, and government. At home, music can become an important part of our culture- a natural part of our daily experience. Right from birth, parents use music as a way of soothing the child and showing them love and care. Parents can continue to build on these natural instincts by learning how music can positively impact a child’s development. Studies have shown that music and music training provide a wealth of benefits to children. Read on to find some of the benefits of music in early childhood. Continue reading

Proper Piano Recital Etiquette

Pianist at Yamaha Piano During Spring Recital

Good Manners Always Hits The Right Note

Spring and music are in the air as recital season begins. For adults and children who have enjoyed piano lessons and worked hard on their pieces, recitals are an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. Recitals also give family and friends a chance to enjoy some music while supporting their budding virtuosos.  For both performers and audience members, the experience is bolstered when everyone follows a few simple rules of recital etiquette. Continue reading

Why Do the Best Pianists Choose Yamaha Pianos?

Why Yamaha Is A Top Choice

The Visually Stunning Yamaha Piano

Why do so many concert pianists, recording artists and teachers swear by Yahama pianos? When shopping brands, the untrained observed might be tempted to conclude that “a piano is a piano,” assuming features and aesthetic elements are roughly comparable. But Yahama’s subtle craftsmanship and track record for pleasing even the most finicky pianists set this brand apart. Below, we provide a thumbnail sketch of four critical characteristics that distinguish Yamaha from other piano makers.

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How Often Should I Get My Piano Tuned?

Piano Tuning: How often should i do it? 4 Things to Consider

Whether you’re a budding Bay Area concert pianist, who spends three to four hours a day practicing your craft; or you’re a studio musician or casual instrumentalist, you need a system to keep your instrument tuned and ready for action. Continue reading

Are Piano Scales Important?

Whether you’re an accomplished composer/orchestrator or a newbie who’s just learning the piano, you need to focus your practice on the basics, such as going through your scales.

Many students are dubious. It’s a common reaction to want to get to the “good stuff” and skip over tedious, repetitive exercises. But practicing the scales confers many benefits, some of which are obvious, and some of which are subtle. If you gloss over these exercises, you may wind up building your technique on a bad foundation. Continue reading