The Keys to Piano Longevity

piano lifespan, piano tips, piano longevity, piano lessons, piano dealer, yamaha pianosCleaning, tuning, and properly maintaining your piano can increase its lifespan significantly. In most cases, the secret to achieving maximum success lies in applying the right kind of cleaning techniques. In addition, having a well-maintained piano will also allow you to play finer tunes. Continue reading

Top 5 Myths about Playing the Piano

When it comes to playing piano, the list of myths is rather long. From the most popular and common myths like you can’t learn how to play the piano when you’re older to the other traditional ones like you are born with the art of playing piano and it cannot be taught. The common thing about all these myths is that they are plain false.

myths about playing piano

Here’s a list of the five most widespread piano playing myths:

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Why Record Your Piano Practice?

The Benefits of Recording Your Piano Practice

You’ve invested your time and money into learning the piano. Get the most out of your practices by making audio and video recording of your efforts. Here’s why, according to science.

benefits to recording your piano practice audio video Continue reading

How to Play the Piano with Correct Posture

Piano Playing Lesson: Perfect Posture

At our Bay Area piano store, we often see people play with less than ideal posture. Proper ergonomics is critical, especially if you’re planning to play several hours a day and/or if you’re building a musical career. Poor posture, for instance, can contribute to problems like repetitive stress injury and thoracic outlet syndrome. For greater comfort, it is important to practice sitting right. Continue reading