A Few of the Best Pianists of All Time

Sergei Rachmaninoff, Bay Area piano lessons
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To determine the best pianists, past and present, various metrics should be used. These include the player’s technical ability with piano’s, popularity, the reputation they have managed to create, improvisation talents, and breadth of their repertoire. However, as is the case in any opinion-based discussion, everyone might have a different idea of who the best pianists are depending on their individual perspective, tastes, or their interpretation of what comprises of musical genius. However, the following are three notable pianists who definitely deserve a mention in the conversation. Continue reading

Improve Technique While You Practice Piano

Bay Area Piano Lessons

The piano is a great musical instrument for musicians and learners alike, be it for passing time in a productive way or establishing a musical career. If you wish to take up piano lessons in the Bay Area, the following are some essential tips that will guarantee your practice lessons are fruitful and you have a wonderful playing experience. Continue reading

Tips for Memorizing Piano Music

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Bay Area Piano lessonsA true master pianist can sit down and effortlessly play complex pieces from memory. But learning to play the piano and learning to memorize piano music are two separate skills. Just like with any other musical skill, correct practice is key. Once you know how to memorize piano music, you can impress your friends and family, perform at concert recitals, and improvise expressively. Here are some tips to better memorization: Continue reading