How to Find a Piano Dealer You Can Trust

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Yamaha Piano YC150A piano is huge investment, even if you and your family are absolutely committed to filling your home and your lives with music. How can you obtain the best quality instrument for your money? Before you contact a Bay Area piano dealer, review these factors to evaluate the prospective store’s trustworthiness.

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Digital or Acoustic Piano?

Which Should I Buy?
KeyBoard of Weber Piano

Whether you’re the parent of a budding piano prodigy or an indie music producer/recording artist, you want a new piano, but you’re not sure whether to go digital or acoustic. Here are 3 questions that will help you get more clarity before you visit your Bay Area piano store:

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How to Care for Your Yamaha Grand Piano

As authorized Yamaha Piano dealers who have been serving the Bay Area for over four decades, we at Pianos Plus strive to make sure that our customers take exquisite care of their instruments. Whether you’re buying a new “starter piano” for an eager 5-year-old or purchasing an instrument to record or compose, you must service it to maintain its tone, integrity and beauty. Continue reading